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The Personal Training Guide for the Golfer
by Samantha J Pannier, MS Exercise Physiologist
$29.95 © 2007

The Personal Training Guide for Golfers concentrates on giving the reader the knowledge and motivation to improve his/her golf game by starting with the foundation of human movement. By focusing on flexibility and strength training geared toward specific biomechanics used in the game of golf, the reader will gain the ability to develop his/her game to the next level. Complete with nutritional tips, stress management techniques, and a customized workout, this book provides a safe and effective way to lead the reader to a healthier lifestyle.

The Complete Homeowners Guide
by Samantha J Pannier and Gregg M Pannier
$29.95 ©2006

Everything you need to know about your house at your fingertips.

Do you know where you main water valve shut off is? Do you know the serial number on your computer? How about your electric account number? You may not need this information frequently, but when you do it is often hard to locate. That’s where you are in luck. The Complete Homeowner’s Guide is your customized reference to your house, your car, even your finances. By taking a few moments to fill out the pages in this book, you will save precious time later.